Lessons in the Alexander Technique

Alexander lessons need to be individual (see how it works for why).

Typically, a first lesson may take an hour. After that, generally, half an hour is needed. (If it is necessary to extend a lesson beyond the half-hour, most teachers will do this).

The teaching involves both hands-on guidance and verbal instruction.

Your "homework" will include applying the principles you learn during lessons to your everyday activities: breathing, standing and sitting, running, playing the piano, digging the garden (whatever you do as part of your daily life).

You will be encouraged to stop trying to do these things right! (This seemingly paradoxical statement is very important - see kinaesthesia for details).

There are no exercises (see how it works).

You may be encouraged to lie on the floor for a while each day. (Generally my older pupils are daunted by this one and, if so, I encourage them to use their beds instead).

At first, you would be well advised to have your lessons close together. The closer together they are, the more you will get out of them.

Asking how many lessons you need is like asking: "how long is a piece of string?" but a typical course would be about 30 lessons.

You remain fully clothed - I usually ask My older pupils to take their shoes off.

Different teachers may teach slightly differently. This is healthy: the above is typical of the way many Alexander teachers teach, including myself.

It is important to choose a properly qualified teacher. A qualified Alexander Teacher has completed a three-year full-time training on an approved training course. See my find a teacher page to locate your nearest Alexander teacher.

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